• Developed by :                  LOMAY

  • Plateform :                      Android

  • Release date :           April, 2017

  • Contact :

Free to play


Gazkar is a free 3D racing game developed by the Lomay Studio. The game takes as main scenery the streets of Antananarivo, with the cars that we find there daily.

Levels : 72
Cars : 26
Mode : offline and online


Gazkar will make you rediscover the capital of Madagascar in a virtual world reproduced with the greatest care and in a typically Malagasy atmosphere. Make crazy races through the city, at the wheel of cars that you are used to see daily in Antananarivo. You could even have fun racing a " Deux-Chevaux " against a " Taxibe ". And that's not all ! You will find in the game the famous car made in Madagascar, the so-called Karenjy.
So what are you waiting for ? Download the game and have fun !

System requirements

GAZKAR Final Version 1.0
System : Android 4 or higher
Minimum system requirements : Dual Core, 1 Gb RAM, 530MB memory
Recommended configuration : Quad Core 1.3GhZ, 2 Gb RAM, 530 Mb of memory


Gazkar is the first video game designed and developed by LOMAY. Released in 2017, it remained in the mouth of the local press for a long time. The craze for this mobile racing game is still present today. At the beginning of the project, the development " team " consisted of only one person : Matthieu Rabehaja, the co-founder of LOMAY. After four months, he called on other talents to join the project. The challenge was that each member of the team is self-taught and they had to learn how to make video games on the job.


  • Developed by :                 LOMAY

  • Plateform :            Windows PC

  • Release date :       March, 2020

  • Contact :



DAHALO is an action-adventure game developed by Lomay. The game is named after the Malagasy zebu thieving bandits, present in the South of Madagascar, reputed to be powerful and invincible.
Step into the shoes of the characters who want to restore order and peace in this region. A young girl pampered by urban comforts, the daughter of a former Dahalo and a government soldier are at the heart of the conflict between the Dahalo and the villagers.
Explore a world inspired by the landscapes of Madagascar. On your journey through this unique world, discover the way of life of the people of these vast regions of the Deep South, identify the problems faced by the peasants of the South and try to learn the secrets of the Dahalo. Stay alert, be on the lookout because the fate of innocent people is in your hands.
Face the Dahalo head-on in gun battles or play the infiltration card. Change the balance of power in the territory invaded by these bandits.
Explore a world of authentic and diverse landscapes, and enter wild lands feared by mankind.


After a disturbing phone call from her father, Rohy, a young medical student, is assaulted in her home. She decides to leave immediately in search of her father, in the Great South of Madagascar. She'll be left to herself in the wilderness of the ruthless bandits known as the Dahalo.


After the release of Gazkar, LOMAY decided to continue making "serious games" but this time focusing on a phenomenon of banditry, very present in Madagascar: the "Dahalo". Dahalo is the second video game designed and developed by LOMAY. In order to illustrate and understand the origin of the zebu thefts, the team made a field trip at the beginning of the development. The team grew and despite all the technical problems they had to face, the challenge this time was to never give up.

System requirement

Operating System : Windows 10 64-bit
Processor : Intel i5 2400 2.5 GHz CPU or equivalent
RAM : 6 GB of memory
Graphics : Nvidia GTX 760 with 2GB VRAM or Radeon equivalent
DirectX : Version 11
Disk Space : 40 GB of available disk space

Operating System : Windows 10 64-bit
Processor : Intel Core i7-3770K CPU or equivalent AMD CPU
RAM : 16 GB memory
Graphics : Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or AMD Radeon equivalent
DirectX : Version 11
Disk Space : 40 GB of available disk space