• Date : 11/05/2020

TechCrunch Battlefield 2017

Gazkar invites itself to  » TechCrunch Battlefield « , one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of startups.

The release of the racing game Gazkar is part of the buzz of the year in Madagascar.
As a reminder, the game is produced by the company LOMAY. In it, the streets of Antananarivo have been reproduced in 3D and transformed into car racing arenas. Currently available on Android, the video game already has tens of thousands of downloads.

In October, representatives of Gazkar’s developer were in Kenya to participate in the TechCrunch Battelfield Africa startup contest.

If you work in the world of new technologies or watch the Silicon Valley series, you probably know that for a startup, a competition organized by TechCrunch is almost like the Olympic Games. LOMAY participated in the category dedicated to entertainment.

Despite the fact that the Malagasy candidates did not seem to be completely comfortable with Shakespeare’s language, that did not stop them from impressing both the jury and the people in the room.

BELOW, you have a replay of TechCrunch Startup Battelfield Africa. If you want to listen to Gazcar’s pitch, go straight to 3:41:14.