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Description :

DAHALO is an action-adventure game developed by Lomay. The game is named after the Malagasy zebu thieving bandits, present in the South of Madagascar, reputed to be powerful and invincible.

Step into the shoes of the characters who want to restore order and peace in this region. A young girl pampered by urban comforts, the daughter of a former Dahalo and a government soldier are at the heart of the conflict between the Dahalo and the villagers.

Explore a world inspired by the landscapes of Madagascar. On your journey through this unique world, discover the way of life of the people of these vast regions of the Deep South, identify the problems faced by the peasants of the South and try to learn the secrets of the Dahalo. Stay alert, be on the lookout because the fate of innocent people is in your hands.

Face the Dahalo head-on in gun battles or play the infiltration card. Master an arsenal of weapons, adapt your strategy to your situation. Change the balance of power in the territory invaded by these bandits.

Explore a world of authentic and diverse landscapes, and enter wild lands feared by mankind.


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